Alyeska and Girwood Weds.08-07-13


Heading toward Girwood, Alaska on the Seward Highway. The pictures does not capture the awe inspiring views.


Near Alyeska

Carol and I traveled to Alyeska mountain to have dinner at the top. It never dawned on us we might need reservations. Well we made reservations for the next night. Afterwards we drove to Girwood for a hot cup of brewed coffee and stop to mail postcards. (Man that is a full time job keeping up with postcards)


Top of mountain near Alyeska

The next night our reservations were for 9pm. Great choice. We were one of may be 6 people eating dinner.
We rode the mountain tram to the top at eight pm. Walked around for an hour. Beautiful but cold. The white glaciers were all visable.

This path leads to the very top.

Carol and I were seated next to the window, we could see the glaciers and as evening fell it was captivating.
Now for the food, wow!

Menu Seven Glaciers

I ordered the chefs choice of 5 courses. Carol ordered some food too. (It is late, I will try to get this straight and clean up blog tomorrow)

Bread course- fresh made bread and crackers

We ate like queens.

Cunundrum wine- a wonderful blend of wines.

The waitress held the chair for you then, held you knapkin until you sat down, poured the first and later second glass wine.

Fresh raw snapper with a dressing.

Courses of food were brought as we were finished. One plate was more delicious as the next.


Chips and dips (sorry I have to find my notes on other side McCarthy bridge)

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