Anchorage to Baltimore

Coming back to Anchorage….
Well Carol and I slept late….until 8am ish. Packed luggage, weighed luggage, then unpacked and tried again. Packed a couple care packages to mail home. This went on for a bit. Then breakfast at hotel.
Finished cleaning inside car. A couple times through car wash. Still was’nt as clean as when we borrowed it, but would have to sufice. Alaska silt is like concrete to get off. Then we printed mailing labels and postage. Packed the car, checked out of the hotel.
Spent the day driving around Anchorage area. Seeing sights.
Had a nice lunch by the river, kayakers.


Lunch, yummm


Beautiful day, kayakers on river

After a relaxing lunch, we drove back to the hotel and took the shuttle to the airport for a 6pm flight home.
Once on the plane, I took a benadryl.
Fell asleep sitting up, and slept most of the way, even turblence seemed a bit less bumpy.

Homeward bound

Carol and I arrived noonish our time and were picked up by our families.
Hopefully they were happy to see us…lol.
After a long night sleep, back to work next morning…..then a week of jet lag. Argh!
I loved Alaska….I can see why folks visit and don’t go home..
More on post Alaska later…

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