McCarthy to Anchorage

August 26, 2013
We left McCarthy fairly early Saturday morning. Drove back McCarthy road toward Chitna.


The Only Bear We Saw! WHEW!!!

Both Carol and I figured out how to take panoramic shots with our cameras, phones ect.
We stopped a lot, the day was partly sunny. That equals great=pictures of mountains, valleys, rivers and such.

On way to Chitna, Ak

We finally arrive just before Chitna, to see on the rivers edge Fish Wheels. Wow, Carol and I drove down to see the wheel working. The fishermen were delighted by our questions. They walked both Carol and I out onto the wet, slightly bobbing fish wheel. It was catching the last of the fish for the season.
I was crazy scared to go out, but went anyway. (My life insurance was paid up). So did Carol. What a thrill. The men explained how the wheel worked and the seasons of fish and types. Thank you!!!


On way to Glenn Allen, Ak

Off again, past Chitna, Copper Center and on the road north to Glenn Allan. To swing around come back east past Eureka, Ak. (Just a restaurant town). Yes, we ate there. Great food and the best man cave in the world!!!!

Miles and miles of straight road. Near Eureka,Ak

The Man Cave in Eureka, Ak.

Kids Beware! They fine you here.

moose, elk and other horns. Birds, Bears and Cats. Oh, my.

Man cave, one wall


Skins and Cats


Ducks flying in.

This place was amazing. Beautiful mounts were everywhere.
Did I mention the food was good and a gas station too!
No time to sit around. Still 5 hours more or less to Anchorage. In Alaska you loose all sense of time. You wake crazy early and seems like bed time is far far away.

Fall is coming. The trees are fewer and Scruffier here.

Off we went to find Matanuska Glacier. So we could walk on Glacier.
A hour or so past Eureka, we stopped at Mattanuska Glacier. Wow, we walked down onto the glacier and I found a piece of ice. Clear as glass. No impurities. Cold too.

Matamuska Glacier valley

All day Carol and I were grateful we brought winter jackets. It was in the low 50’s and in the 30’s down on the glacier.

Edge of Matanuska Glacier


Carol at Glaciet

I collected a bit of glacier sand for the kids and slipped my precious glacier ice into a small ziploc and pocketed both little bags. Rock collection finds..

Margaret at Matanuska Glacier


The Ice......

As we were driving back to the highway from the glacier trip…the sun was low and blinding me…. I stopped the car and waited 30 minutes for the sun to go behind the mountain ridge. I was driving up hill on a one lane path with no guard rails around the mountain. With cliff drop off to the left, prudent I guess.

Stressfull driving, up and down to the Glacier

We got back on the highway heading east then south towards Palmer.


It was dark when we stopped for dinner in Palmer. This was one of the few times we ate at a chain restaurant. The state fair was in full session, carnival rides and loud speakers. We watched from our window seat, a little worn out.
Dinner was nice. Still over and hour until we would reach Anchorage.
To much light in sky to see northern lights, but it was mighty dark for our ride back.

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One thought on “McCarthy to Anchorage

  1. You are truly blessed. I drove the McCarthy road for the first time in 95…had a flat and when done changing the tire a BIG black bear was sleeping in front of my truck…Oh and in the flat tire was a railroad spike…Great souvenir.

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