Alaska has no snow and warmer temps. Coffee, Snow & Owls

Really! What a crazy winter.


My son Joe, rolling in snow!

We are finally in the low 30’s. 12 inches heavy snow, now cold icy rain to make the roads fun….
You guys are sunny and 40’s, whats up!
You can have you your polar vortex back.
I do like the snowy owls you sent.
Our hearts are all a flutter over these beautiful owls with the yellow eyes. They have been spotted everywhere. On office buildings in Baltimore and DC, in the bay nature centers and on the beaches in MD and Delaware.

Fresh Hot Coffee

Today, instead of doing taxes, I filled 35 plastic cups with fresh coffe for my coffee maker. I found these in the grocery store.

Fill your Own K-Cup

They worked great and the coffee is lovely. Nice fresh brewed flavor. I took about 1/2 to 3/4 hour to fill 35 little cups.


Set up with sample hot coffee

$7.00 for cup kit plus my xmas gift of coffee from neighbor. Yummy!
Word of caution snap lids tight! I would have had 36

The process to fill your own K-cups

Enjoy your day…back to taxes!!!! Uncle Sam is knocking at my door.

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