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Supplies, Goodies and Girwood

Wednesday,August 7, ..2013
After a yummy breakfast of oatmeal, canadian bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs and hot fresh waffles. (This is every weekday morning) hey joe: wink wink…you can make mom breakfast like this everyday….
We headed over to the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson airforce/army base to shop for supplies. Most of the supplies we needed are items that are crazy or illegal on airplanes. Pocket knife, lighter, bear spray (I was wise enough to ask clerk how to use spray the bear, not yourself. it is industrail pepper spray…a lady at the store uses it to scares dogs & not mess with that girl…whoa!) , laundry detergent, hat and assorted goodies for family and friends..sorry you will have to wait until we come home…patience my dears. Below are some of the decor in the px.


Hunting Trophies

I sent supplies for the Icon workshop from Maryland…they never arrived, ten days and counting.
Well PLAN 2 goes into effect: New supplies. We stopped byBlaine’s Art for the supplies. Wow! This is the most amazing fine art store. The staff bent over backwards to help. Carol and I were pretty crazed over how to find the supplies and cut them. Well the young man at Blair’s listened to the pickle I was in and cut the mat board to the correct size and lent me a papercutter to cut the rest of the supplies. We also picked up a couple of Tombo markers for our sketching class in 2 weeks.

Blaines Art

After Blaines, we drove to Girwood.
It took us forever to drive to Girwood, we kept stopping to take pictures.



Mud Flats


Carol and I thought it would be fun to ride the Tram up Alyeska Resort mountain and have dinner at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. No luck, sold out. We drove back to the hotel. We stopped in the town of Girwood and picked up a cup of coffee and biscotta. Yummy, good fresh made coffee, the hippie like atmosphere made me smile.The weather is low 63’s and drizzle.


The Grind in Girwood

Later in the afternoon we came back to theResidence Inn for an evening meal of BBQ Shrimp rice and vegetables.fd

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