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Short lunch-Run fast

Tuesday Aug 6
After our meeting we drove across town through heavy traffic, the four lane highways run through Anchorage as main streets. We went to the Anchorage Museum to see a plantarium movie – Experience the Aurora.
Marvel as the Northern Lights shimmer and glisten overhead
with time-lapse footage captured in the Arctic Circle. This immersive show is the next best thing to being under Alaska’s winter night sky.
We came into the museum and had a great lunch of turkey and swiss on homemade bread, chips, sweet tea. The highlight of lunch… homemade creamy bcon filled with large chunks of crisp sweet pickles potato salad followed by soft and chewy homemade peanut butter cookies. To die for..
Carol and I then went and sat in the auditorium …..humm….2 minutes we are still alone with dim lights..a real quick check of museum map..oooops..wrong place…off fast ..ran to planetarium. Thank God the not to far. We really enjoyed the movie and the comfy seats.. amazing footage of Aurora.


Just beautiful photography, from Ak, Iceland and other places of the Northernlights.
We were amazed with the Native Alaskian collections in the museum. . Wow! Even though they are very beautiful all were made to be usefull.


Art exhibit of Alaska. Sketchbooks, drawings and paintings of Alaska.
Anchorage Museum Gallery Artists

Alaska Exhibit website
happy travels and Godbless,
Come back for notes on painting class.
Weather mid 60’s light rain

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What a crazy day! Pen Pals to Jet Lag

Tuesday Aug. 6th.
Carol and I slept until 7 am. Got up not really knowing what time it was. The jet lag left me feeling like I had a fog in my head……. Sorry for the delay around midnight Alaska time I just fell asleep. Our first was amazing! The flowers are just amazing. Brilliant colors and the size are unbelievable. Begonia blooms the size of my palm, 3 inches. The ruffled begonias as big as rose blooms. Petunias 3 1/2 to 4 inches.


Carol and I met with the principal of Holy Rosary Academy, Anchorage . Miss Catherine Neumayr is such a delight to speak with her, it was such a pleasure to meet her someone face to face. Instead of email.  Holy Rosary Academyis a k-12 school with classical education. I was so impressed. At the end of the week Carol and I are giving a metal embossed icon workshop to the school community.


More coming soon, Happy travels and Godbless you.

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Kids, Colored Pencils and Nacho Chips


Colored pencil Carol Mackie Morris

Project 1

colored pencil

Carol Mackie Morris

08-01-2013 carol morris project 2 maryland black eyed susan oak

Project 2

Colored Pencil

Carol Morris

08-01-2013 carol morris project 3 hibiscus

Project 3

Colored Pencil

Carol Morris

Today was our last class at Corcoran School of Art and Design
Sunday Aug. 4, 2013
Botanical Drawing course. Today was our critique class, we brought our projects and everyone enjoyed discussing and giving sugestions. It was wonderful, to be able to have eight peoples ideas of your work. Hands down this was the best class I have taken. Big shout out to our teacher, Carol Beach.


Today, my daughter Anna, my son Joe and Anna’s boyfriend Mike came to drive Carol and I to the airport tomorrow.
Anna spent today on a college english paper, Go Anna Go! Then the trio went to the massive Georgetown, DC flea market. What fun.
After class, off the Cactus Cantina on 3300 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC. Wow! We ordered the Plato Gordo, Beef and chicken fajitas, costillas (pork ribs), and camarones diablo (shrimp).
Served with fresh flour tortillas, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo and frijoles a la charra.(Serves up to four people).
The dinner was unbelievable. Grilled shrimp, beef and veggies were great. BBQ ribs were so tender. Add rice and Guacamole to finish. We are now at the hotel near BWI.
finishing my Hibuscus drawing .



Up early tomorrow and off to airport.
Sleep well my readers.
God bless and happy travels

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Painting Alaska-Watercolor Kit


Business Card Palettes and travel brushes

Tonight I seriously started collecting and sorting through supplies to bring.A couple of days ago, I filled the pocket watercolor palette Carol had  given me as a gift. It is metal and the size of a business card holder. Carol found this .little gem at ExpeditionaryArt. It hold 14 different colors in mini tin trays and a magnet to hold them in with a white vinyl as a mixing tray. I wrote the name and number on the bottom of each tray with a Sakura microperm pens.


Labeled pans, color chart too!

The pen claims to be permanent on metal, will see if that is true. I filled them with a combination of Windsor Newton and Cotman tube watercolors. It took about a week to dry. Some of the colors are loose and would drip.
These colors were in my little wood box of tube watercolors. Until now I used two different Windsor Newton sets, small white pocket travel set with 8 colors and a larger set with 12 colors that I picked up at yard sale for $2.00.
As it turns out I was only missing 2 colors from the Wrangel State Park supply list. That was a first.
Then I cut watercolor paper to size and made color charts, with name. Until I can memorize the colors, .the charts are very useful. The purple triangle scrapper is a plastic credit card that is cut up.


Brushes opened, they are full sized and well balanced


Closed brushes around 4inches long

I am bringing my four travel sable watercolor brrushes, 3 from Utrect size 8,5 and 1. I treated Carol and myself to a handmade cats tounge filbert from Rosemary and Company UK .
I love the faux marble handle. All the brushes hold water well and retain there shape. Yeah!
Let me know if you have any questions. Enough for now, 1am my time. Goodnight and God bless you. Margaret
The watercolors I am taking are:
744 yellow ochre
346 Lemon yellow
119 Cadium yellow deep
580 Rose Madder
502 Permanent rose
090 Cadium Orange
465 paynes grey
609 sepia
100 Cadium red light
098 Cadium red deep
192 Colbalt violet
231 Dioxazine violet
179 colbalt violet
660 ultramarine blue
599 sap green
329 phathalo green
312 hookers green

Windsor Newton artist grade
422 Naples yellow
726 Windsor red (new tube)
074 burn sienna
544 raw umber
Permanent white
Chinese white (grey cast)
Zinc white

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Brookside Botanical Gardens- Colored Pencil Workshop

Colored Pencil Apple

Margaret and I attended Introduction to Colored Pencil: Small Fruit at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland on April 14, 2013. Instructor Karen Coleman taught us colored pencil techniques to produce a realistic apple.

Our journey started with an apple.  This apple represents the first class Margaret and I attended to prepare us for our Alaska expedition.  Colored pencils are a great medium for travel they are lightweight and effective to add color to a sketch. Colored pencils are a must have for our sketching kit.  

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Marathon Weekend- Art Marathon

Yikes! 9 hours of the Lord of the Ring movies, to sit and finish my botanical drawing homework. Still not finished.


Painting Icon boards with two coats sky blue wall paint. We use wall paint sometimes. If you can find the right color in mistints area, the paint is about $5.00 gallon. Or you can paint your son’s room, then use left over paint to paint boards.

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Icon Workshop at Holy Rosary Academy Anchorage, Alaska

Check out the article advertising the Icon Class in Anchorage, AK

Catholic Anchor Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage ‘icon workshop’ set for Aug. 9

From left are Carol Mackie Morris and Margaret Mackie.

Anchorage residents will soon have a chance to make sacred art during an upcoming icon workshop at Holy Rosary Academy.

The Aug. 9 event is open to all ages and will be taught by long-time Catholic school art teachers Margaret Mackie and Carol Mackie Morris. The two sisters maintain a website,, which explains their approach to “visually spreading the gospel message through art.”

Their work and that of their students have been featured on the cover of St. Anthony Messenger, at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. and in a number of other exhibits.

Margaret Mackie teaches Art at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the Baltimore Archdiocese and Carol Mackie Morris teaches Art at nearby Saint Michael’s School Ridge.

The upcoming icon workshop in Anchorage will run from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Aug. 9. Space is limited to 25 participants and those interested should RSVP by calling Holy Rosary Academy at 276-5822.

The subject of the workshop will be creating an icon of the Blessed Mother.

Carol and I are teaching an metal embossed icon, during our first week in Anchorage. We are very excited to share and teach our love of art and faith.

We are going to have Our Lady of the Rosary for this icon.

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Rock Paper Scissors- Sketchbook and Paper


Komtrak sketchbook


Komtrak two different bindings

I sat down last night taking my box of 9X12 inches watercolor papers and cut them into 3 pieces. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches to fit in my Komtrak Sketchbook. A few minutes punching holes did the trick.
Second cut was for the 3 x 8 1/2 inches. To fit business envelopes, I found some vellum envelopes I found in my basement supplies. Carol made address labels for our trip. This will be fun to sent homemade cards to send.
The last part of the paper is for bookmarks to give as gifts to freinds and family.
I placed all the paper into ziploc bag for safe keeping.


Cut watercolor pages waiting for holes

The sketchbooks come with two different bindings, both removeable. A spiral and a O ring clip. I have one of each. I am using the O clip currently and love being able to flip cover to the back. Being able to add or remove pages is great. I really like using this sketchbook.

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Two Weeks and Counting Down…

Yikes! Two weeks to go.. the lists go on and on. Clothing, art supplies, kanoodle kit, icon class supplies, botanical drawing class projects, floors to be finished, job interviews. What’s a girl (big old girl) to do. Well as mom says “get crackin, you are wasting time!” Here is a snipet of my botanical drawings, they are parts of a drawings and sketches.


Lily- watercolor pencil


Queen Anne's Lace

Well back to work. Happy Travels! God bless you Margaret

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A bit of France- my luggage


Toile Luggage, just under legal limit for Delta Air. …lol

I found this large rolling luggage at Blair’s Jewelry and Gifts California, Md. . This store is truly amazing. Gifts of everykind, including fine jewelry. They will monogram almost anything, metal, glass and fabric.
I bought the suitcase several years ago, so I do not know if they still carry it.
Inside has a large zippered part on lid and two elastic straps to hold everything in.

My daughter was graduating from high school, i bought it for her. Then someone else gave her a luggage set. I decide to keep it and put it in my closet. I was looking at it this week and thought, that looks just about the largest luggage you can check. Well it measures 29x20x10 inches and can extend another 2 inches in front. That makes 60 inches. I think Delta Air check baggage is 63 inches. Now to keep it under 50 pounds. I will be a very fashionable traveler. White luggage, it won’t look this nice come late August. How funny…
Happy Travels…God bless Margaret

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