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Painting Alaska-Watercolor Kit


Business Card Palettes and travel brushes

Tonight I seriously started collecting and sorting through supplies to bring.A couple of days ago, I filled the pocket watercolor palette Carol had  given me as a gift. It is metal and the size of a business card holder. Carol found this .little gem at ExpeditionaryArt. It hold 14 different colors in mini tin trays and a magnet to hold them in with a white vinyl as a mixing tray. I wrote the name and number on the bottom of each tray with a Sakura microperm pens.


Labeled pans, color chart too!

The pen claims to be permanent on metal, will see if that is true. I filled them with a combination of Windsor Newton and Cotman tube watercolors. It took about a week to dry. Some of the colors are loose and would drip.
These colors were in my little wood box of tube watercolors. Until now I used two different Windsor Newton sets, small white pocket travel set with 8 colors and a larger set with 12 colors that I picked up at yard sale for $2.00.
As it turns out I was only missing 2 colors from the Wrangel State Park supply list. That was a first.
Then I cut watercolor paper to size and made color charts, with name. Until I can memorize the colors, .the charts are very useful. The purple triangle scrapper is a plastic credit card that is cut up.


Brushes opened, they are full sized and well balanced


Closed brushes around 4inches long

I am bringing my four travel sable watercolor brrushes, 3 from Utrect size 8,5 and 1. I treated Carol and myself to a handmade cats tounge filbert from Rosemary and Company UK .
I love the faux marble handle. All the brushes hold water well and retain there shape. Yeah!
Let me know if you have any questions. Enough for now, 1am my time. Goodnight and God bless you. Margaret
The watercolors I am taking are:
744 yellow ochre
346 Lemon yellow
119 Cadium yellow deep
580 Rose Madder
502 Permanent rose
090 Cadium Orange
465 paynes grey
609 sepia
100 Cadium red light
098 Cadium red deep
192 Colbalt violet
231 Dioxazine violet
179 colbalt violet
660 ultramarine blue
599 sap green
329 phathalo green
312 hookers green

Windsor Newton artist grade
422 Naples yellow
726 Windsor red (new tube)
074 burn sienna
544 raw umber
Permanent white
Chinese white (grey cast)
Zinc white

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A bit of France- my luggage


Toile Luggage, just under legal limit for Delta Air. …lol

I found this large rolling luggage at Blair’s Jewelry and Gifts California, Md. . This store is truly amazing. Gifts of everykind, including fine jewelry. They will monogram almost anything, metal, glass and fabric.
I bought the suitcase several years ago, so I do not know if they still carry it.
Inside has a large zippered part on lid and two elastic straps to hold everything in.

My daughter was graduating from high school, i bought it for her. Then someone else gave her a luggage set. I decide to keep it and put it in my closet. I was looking at it this week and thought, that looks just about the largest luggage you can check. Well it measures 29x20x10 inches and can extend another 2 inches in front. That makes 60 inches. I think Delta Air check baggage is 63 inches. Now to keep it under 50 pounds. I will be a very fashionable traveler. White luggage, it won’t look this nice come late August. How funny…
Happy Travels…God bless Margaret

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Sketching- Practice! Practice! Practice!


Cactus Cantina best mexican food DC

Well in the last couple days, Carol has been finishing the last details of museums, meetings and other fun planning events. I have been busy with work, doctor appointments and such. So when I get the chance I have been practicing travel sketching. It is a lot of fun, finding minutes here and there to record your day is the challenge.


Ikea Baltimore- fish fridays

Sitting waiting for dinner, scouts or like today at MVA. Most times I have found about 10-15 at the longest. MVA was 4 hours-yikes. Boy do you
have a great selection of models that don’t move much…lol. It really help pass the time.. Enjoy, my sketches are pretty rough. As soon as I get ahold of Carol’s sketchbook I will snap some photos.
I would love to here from you. Godbless Margaret

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Your Taking What! Art Cart to Alaska


Why on earth am I dragging my art cart or trolley for you guys overseas four thousand miles to Alaska.
Well I love this cart we have been together several years now.
BAC- Before Art Cart. I tried tote bags, boxes, paper and plastic grocery bags, milk crates on wheels, rolling backpacks, scrapbooking carts and the list goes on and on. Some I bought, some people gave me or lent to me, on sale or not on sale. Talking to other cart owners at conventions, stopping cart people on street. Going to workshops, art classes and conventions carrying my supplies up steps, in elevators and back and forth to car was killing me. This was a crazy back breaking obsession to find a better way. After I really hurt my shoulders at a convention and a couple months later pulled a couple of ribs out of place. I finally found my true cart love- Rest and Roll Trolley. This cart is like a good spouse, you think of ways you could change it, but all and all you are so happy with what you found. What is so great about this cart. #1 reason I love this thing is the fold out chair, that a full size human being can sit on comfortably and it ROLLS off road too. Now for the nuts and bolts of this cart.
QVC discription– One smart cart. From around-the-house use to away-from-home-excursions, the Rest-n-Roll cart is designed to simplify life. Carry anything from groceries to a change of clothes in the large, multipurpose storage bag, then, keep drinks and munchies in the insulated pouch. There’s even a there-when-you-need-it, comfortable, sturdy, flip-down molded seat.,Extendable handle,Durable, lightweight polyester construction,Open, measures 26″D x 37-1/2″H x 16″W; supports up to 300 lbs, Made in China.
11Pounds weight.
If you want a good laugh: watch the you tube videos for this product.

Well how much can this cart hold. 2 wood palettes, 4 wood brush boxes, medium wood paint box for oil tube paint, 2 plastic travel palettes for wet paint, small tote bag with turps, gamesol and other flamables.
Funnel, wet canvas holders, mixing tile, and two aprons.

Pockets inside and out are stategically placed for good use- umbrella pocket, small tripod pocket.
Came with a snap on pencil case- I have been thinking about what to put in it for 2
To top it off, the front of the bag has a insulated pouch for drinks, lunch and snacks.
Our trip to Alaska will be a sketching watercolor trip, so I will update later on the packing list.

Now, the big dilema it to fit it in my suitcase and not be over 50lbs. .It folds up nice, take wheels and handle off, i think it fits in my suitcase. ….I hope so at least…..
God bless you travels….. Margaret

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Luggage: Good luck with that!


The Dilema! Three weeks clothes, medicine, hats, hiking shoes, winter coats (95° in Md, 105° heat index today), art supplies, art carts, art supplies for the class we are giving in Anchorage.
2 bags checked free, 62 inches and under 50lbs. Two carry on bags. Hmm!
Well, to start Carol and I checked our luggage at home. That went well Carol and I found luggage that rolled(attic shopping). Hooray!
Now, the art carts were becoming a problem. Carol thought of having canvas bags made for art carts.
I went to staples for bussiness card case. After searching around for the card cases, I found the travel accessories isle. What to my wondering eyes did appear, large heavy nylon bags by Samsonite: Tote a Ton measure 62inches. Yeah, under the legal limit. I bought the last two bags. Now to see if they fit the art cart.
And they did!!!!! Now to pick it up! I will have to work on that.
Happy travels! God bless Margaret


Bag with art cart inside, perfect fit.


Samsonite, Carry A Ton bags

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Get comfortable! How this Art Expedition began!

Go get a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair. Carol applied for a travel scholarship, it requires that you plan your trip and write about it.
Well, Carol always makes the most incrediable presentations. She was planning the trip, every detail researched and planned. The award went to another teacher who planned a trip to Europe.
Well as you can expect, Carol and our family was disappointed. After a week or so of thinking and planning, a checking finances. Carol decided to go North to Alaska. Well, after a long thinking and talking, Carol decided to go alone. Soon after, my mother was talking to my brother Paul. Paul lives in Alaska. Well to make a long story short, it was decided that I was to go with Carol. What Luck!!!!

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Art Supplies: Battery Operated Pencil Sharpeners


I  admit, pencil sharpeners drive me crazy. I love sharp pencils, they just work better.
I have been using a lot of colored pencils lately, hand sharpeners do not work well. Electric sharpeners work, but you need electricity.
So when Carol and I started classes workshops and Alaska plans. We needed a portable pencil sharpener. I a battery pencil sharpener from Staples, works great on graphite but not with colored pencils.
Then I saw the Derwent battery Pencil Sharpener in A.C.Moore a local craft/art supply store. I was shocked by the $20.00 price. I decided to buy the Sharpener, mainly because of the Derwent brand and the make artist grade colored pencils.
I am so glad I did. Sharp pencils in two different point choices(2 separate sharpeners). The base swivels so the sharpener tilts for ease of use. Transparent shavings window to see when full. Small size, solid base and Handsfree. Does not shimmy on table. Fairly quiet, pencil  sharpeners make lots of noise.
But my favorite, is it has a lots of power and I  the month or so of regular use the 4 AA Lithium Batteries are still working like new.  Hopes this helps. God bless Margaret

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ex•pe•di•tion (ˌɛk spɪˈdɪʃ ən) n.

1. a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose, as exploration.
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