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Soup and Silk Painting

Tuesday Aug. 6
Whew! And You thought I was finished with Tuesday, Aug. 6th. No way, traveling with Carol is a delightful marathon.



Our last adventure on Monday was silk painting at Alaska Art Experience. I can not rave enough about this. Start with a 30 minute ride through beautiful scenic Alaska.

Roadside flower in Chugiak Ak

The view of mountains, mud flats, flowers, rivers and streams was just majestic.


Chugiak Ak

Then drive into a rural neighborhood to a beautiful cabin adorned with colorful flowers. We are greeted by David Marrow and Pepper (a darling mini daschand). Out comes Gina Marrow in an apron, smiling and warmly welcoming us to come in. As we enter, Carol and I choose colored water glasses (they happen to match the colors of the auora ). Then yummy apetizers of crackers and pineapple salsa over cream chese, then yummy warm peanutbutter cookies with nuttella. Two more guests joined our group they were real estate agents.
How fun is that. Then David gave a nice talk on the Alaskian Art Experience. About Gina the artist, the house and creek, Auora and silk painting. Then we were escorted out to the wrap around deck that overlooks the creek.

Then we started painting the large silk scarves. In shades of blue and green with touches of red. Dark blue to resemble the night sky.
As the scarves were drying: Gina set out a beautiful dinner of fresh salad, homemade dinner rolls and homemade potato with crisp bacon or curry soup. It was so delicous. Gina is a wonderful chef. After a delightful diner of great company and delicious meal. Gina showed everyone her lovely studio and explained how she paints her silk art and pastels.


Carol's beautiful silk Northern Lights

Then our scarves were dry and it was time to leave.


Margaret's silk Auora scarves

We said our goodbyes and drove back to Anchorage. What a great day.
Weather mid60’s overcast but nice
Happy travels and God bless

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Art Supplies: Battery Operated Pencil Sharpeners


I  admit, pencil sharpeners drive me crazy. I love sharp pencils, they just work better.
I have been using a lot of colored pencils lately, hand sharpeners do not work well. Electric sharpeners work, but you need electricity.
So when Carol and I started classes workshops and Alaska plans. We needed a portable pencil sharpener. I a battery pencil sharpener from Staples, works great on graphite but not with colored pencils.
Then I saw the Derwent battery Pencil Sharpener in A.C.Moore a local craft/art supply store. I was shocked by the $20.00 price. I decided to buy the Sharpener, mainly because of the Derwent brand and the make artist grade colored pencils.
I am so glad I did. Sharp pencils in two different point choices(2 separate sharpeners). The base swivels so the sharpener tilts for ease of use. Transparent shavings window to see when full. Small size, solid base and Handsfree. Does not shimmy on table. Fairly quiet, pencil  sharpeners make lots of noise.
But my favorite, is it has a lots of power and I  the month or so of regular use the 4 AA Lithium Batteries are still working like new.  Hopes this helps. God bless Margaret

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