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Wrangell Mountain Center

Carol and I showed up at 6 pm with bells on for our Natural History Field Sketching and Journaling workshop. We are hard to miss, two mid-age females who are very motivated to learn art…..


Wood burning stove

Everyone at WMC was wonderful. Mary made a delicious soup and salad for dinner, we sat in the sales floor of the old hardware store. Long tables with plywood tops and benches all around for seating. It was chilly so Cobi’s dad kept the room warm with the wood stove. Ahhhh, warm dry heat, with the smell of wood stove. Sure beats the chilly heat pump at home.

Main room at Hardware Store

We later went in to the other room for the evenings lecture and sketching class. Yes, I really love this part. I like traveling, but I love doing, making and thinking art.

Skulls to sketch

Kristen Link taught our week long class. Kristen is well organized and really knows her stuff. Carol and I were introduced to our “classmates”, Rita, Cobi, Sam and Michelle. Just like at everyclass I have ever been, with great hesitation… we all introduced ourselves. Very interesting, we all like art.

Feather to sketch

Kristen then went over the syllabus and displayed her sketchbooks. Impressive! A little sketching inside the room. And off to bed….

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Main Street McCarthy

Carol and I rode the Kennicott Lodge bus with our luggage down to McCarthy. It is overcast and cool with bouts of rain.


Ma Johnson's Hotel

In front of Ma Johnson’s hotel we unload our baggage. Up on the porch we place our baggage. Out comes Neil the owner to help us. Carol, Neil and I wheel in our luggage. On week three, this luggage thing gets tiresome. Leaving the artcarts on the porch. Neil shows us to our room. How sweet, two twin beds with lovely quilts. Pretty folded towels with handmade soap tucked in and a bag of candy with a little poem next to our sink. The potty and shower is close by… big Yeah!  I plop on the bed for a couple minutes of heaven. Carol was looking for electric plug. No, luck….if you want to charge anything…phone, computer, ipad, camera and such you need to take it to the parlor. Electronic are lined up neatly on a few small tables against the wall.

Ma Johnson's Hotel Parlor

ELECTRONIC WITHDRAW!!! To begin with I was a bit edgey about this, leaving my lifeline unattended. But after awhile you just don’t worry about it. Nobody was touching your stuff and visa versa. The phones and internet just don’t work right anyway. So after a day or so the withdraw subsides.

Not to forget the artcarts, the girl at the desk pointed me in the right direction, told me the Wrangell Mountain Center was in the hardware store and I couldn’t miss it. So off I went with the artcarts. Down the road and into a brandnew building that had hardware stuff in it. Well as it turns out, that was the grocery store. I bought some bottled icetea and a candy bar, I was famished. Back outside with two art carts and bag of food. Down farther a two story very large building with giant letters HARDWARE written on it.


Harware Store McCarthy ak

How stupid can I be. I took the artcarts in and met Kristen, Cobi and Mary from the wrangell mountain center. Later in the evening our class started.
When I got back to Hotel, Carol was ready for our “tour around town”, one street. McCarthy proved to be more than met the eye.

Mcountain Arts Gallery McCarthy Ak

We stoppd at the Mountain Arts gallery that showcased many local
artists. image
Then we stopped by the McCarthy-Kennicott Historical Museum. Great history and artifacts.

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Tale of Two Cities and One Town

Back long ago Anchorage was a tent city, with new people arriving daily. Not enough supplies to build houses. Shop owners and restauraunts were ran from tents.


Anchorage Then and Now

Anchorage began to boom during the 40’s because of the war and again in the 90’s to become a large city.


Kennicott Then and now

Kennicott was a thriving prim and proper company town from the 20’s through 1938, boasting of all the modern conviences electric, indoor plumbing and hot water. The Kennecott Hospital was the first hospital in Alaska to have an xray machine. Impressive! The town boasted of heated sidewalks in winter, from the steam pipes that heated the houses and stores. All this ended abruptly in 1938 when the copper mining company pulled out.

Down the hill from Kennicott is a not so prim and proper fun loving town of McCarthy.


Golden Saloon McCarthy Ak

McCarthy started as a center of fun and commerce. With places to buy almost anything. Hardware stores, fancy dress shops and mens clothing. Very fancy for a remote town in Alaska from 1915-1938. Saloons and parlors were a plenty.

Old truck years ago

They ran taxis all hours so the miners would not miss their shifts. Just think of that, the bar would take you back to work after a night of fun. When the Kennecott mine closed, it tore up the railroad tracks and left McCarthy abandoned.
Many of the townspeople left. But many also stayed.
To cross the river the town folk built a tram to cross the river.

This was for real......


New walking bridge

My brother Paul in the early 90’s visited by way of the tram. Harrowing at best, can you imagine using the tram in bad weather. Yikes!
Carol and I were lucky enough to have a much nicer way to cross the river. We parked our car at the parking lot, the Seth drove us to the walking bridge. Then unloaded the luggage to a trolley(push cart you guys on east coast) and we all walked and talked over the bridge. Admiring the rushing green glacier river. I know I would have been nuts using the tram. Carol and I were met at the other side by a young man from the Kennecott Lodge. Both young men loaded our very heavy luggage. Talked for a bit and we road to the Kennecott Lodge….
Happy Travels

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Supplies, Goodies and Girwood

Wednesday,August 7, ..2013
After a yummy breakfast of oatmeal, canadian bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs and hot fresh waffles. (This is every weekday morning) hey joe: wink wink…you can make mom breakfast like this everyday….
We headed over to the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson airforce/army base to shop for supplies. Most of the supplies we needed are items that are crazy or illegal on airplanes. Pocket knife, lighter, bear spray (I was wise enough to ask clerk how to use spray the bear, not yourself. it is industrail pepper spray…a lady at the store uses it to scares dogs & not mess with that girl…whoa!) , laundry detergent, hat and assorted goodies for family and friends..sorry you will have to wait until we come home…patience my dears. Below are some of the decor in the px.


Hunting Trophies

I sent supplies for the Icon workshop from Maryland…they never arrived, ten days and counting.
Well PLAN 2 goes into effect: New supplies. We stopped byBlaine’s Art for the supplies. Wow! This is the most amazing fine art store. The staff bent over backwards to help. Carol and I were pretty crazed over how to find the supplies and cut them. Well the young man at Blair’s listened to the pickle I was in and cut the mat board to the correct size and lent me a papercutter to cut the rest of the supplies. We also picked up a couple of Tombo markers for our sketching class in 2 weeks.

Blaines Art

After Blaines, we drove to Girwood.
It took us forever to drive to Girwood, we kept stopping to take pictures.



Mud Flats


Carol and I thought it would be fun to ride the Tram up Alyeska Resort mountain and have dinner at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. No luck, sold out. We drove back to the hotel. We stopped in the town of Girwood and picked up a cup of coffee and biscotta. Yummy, good fresh made coffee, the hippie like atmosphere made me smile.The weather is low 63’s and drizzle.


The Grind in Girwood

Later in the afternoon we came back to theResidence Inn for an evening meal of BBQ Shrimp rice and vegetables.fd

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Soup and Silk Painting

Tuesday Aug. 6
Whew! And You thought I was finished with Tuesday, Aug. 6th. No way, traveling with Carol is a delightful marathon.



Our last adventure on Monday was silk painting at Alaska Art Experience. I can not rave enough about this. Start with a 30 minute ride through beautiful scenic Alaska.

Roadside flower in Chugiak Ak

The view of mountains, mud flats, flowers, rivers and streams was just majestic.


Chugiak Ak

Then drive into a rural neighborhood to a beautiful cabin adorned with colorful flowers. We are greeted by David Marrow and Pepper (a darling mini daschand). Out comes Gina Marrow in an apron, smiling and warmly welcoming us to come in. As we enter, Carol and I choose colored water glasses (they happen to match the colors of the auora ). Then yummy apetizers of crackers and pineapple salsa over cream chese, then yummy warm peanutbutter cookies with nuttella. Two more guests joined our group they were real estate agents.
How fun is that. Then David gave a nice talk on the Alaskian Art Experience. About Gina the artist, the house and creek, Auora and silk painting. Then we were escorted out to the wrap around deck that overlooks the creek.

Then we started painting the large silk scarves. In shades of blue and green with touches of red. Dark blue to resemble the night sky.
As the scarves were drying: Gina set out a beautiful dinner of fresh salad, homemade dinner rolls and homemade potato with crisp bacon or curry soup. It was so delicous. Gina is a wonderful chef. After a delightful diner of great company and delicious meal. Gina showed everyone her lovely studio and explained how she paints her silk art and pastels.


Carol's beautiful silk Northern Lights

Then our scarves were dry and it was time to leave.


Margaret's silk Auora scarves

We said our goodbyes and drove back to Anchorage. What a great day.
Weather mid60’s overcast but nice
Happy travels and God bless

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