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Packing and Closing.


4000+ miles to get to Alaska

Packing for a three week road trip, argh! What to bring? What to leave? What will airline tolorate?
Short list: weeks worth of clothes. Hiking shoes, flip flops, nice shoes.
A dress, toiletries including mosquito repellant (I heard they were bad this year…oh no) …..list goes on.


Mosquito Repellant!!!!


Art cart and supplies in big black bag, clothes in big white bag and carry-on. Plus a tote-bag purse. My aching back!!!!

And of course ART supplies: camera, tripod, batteries, flashlight, computer, flash drive. Now theĀ  fun stuff two Komtrak sketchbooks with assorted art paper cut to size (drawing and watercolor), drawing pencil, erasers white and drawing erasers, scissors, tape, envelopes, magnifing glass, colored pencils, watercolor kit, water color pencils for plane, exacto knife and not to forget pencil sharpener.
I am finally packed.
God bless Margaret

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Two Weeks and Counting Down…

Yikes! Two weeks to go.. the lists go on and on. Clothing, art supplies, kanoodle kit, icon class supplies, botanical drawing class projects, floors to be finished, job interviews. What’s a girl (big old girl) to do. Well as mom says “get crackin, you are wasting time!” Here is a snipet of my botanical drawings, they are parts of a drawings and sketches.


Lily- watercolor pencil


Queen Anne's Lace

Well back to work. Happy Travels! God bless you Margaret

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A bit of France- my luggage


Toile Luggage, just under legal limit for Delta Air. …lol

I found this large rolling luggage at Blair’s Jewelry and Gifts California, Md. . This store is truly amazing. Gifts of everykind, including fine jewelry. They will monogram almost anything, metal, glass and fabric.
I bought the suitcase several years ago, so I do not know if they still carry it.
Inside has a large zippered part on lid and two elastic straps to hold everything in.

My daughter was graduating from high school, i bought it for her. Then someone else gave her a luggage set. I decide to keep it and put it in my closet. I was looking at it this week and thought, that looks just about the largest luggage you can check. Well it measures 29x20x10 inches and can extend another 2 inches in front. That makes 60 inches. I think Delta Air check baggage is 63 inches. Now to keep it under 50 pounds. I will be a very fashionable traveler. White luggage, it won’t look this nice come late August. How funny…
Happy Travels…God bless Margaret

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